A Life of Purpose, Happiness and Abundance Is Yours for the Taking.


If You Really Want It...


And seriously, who doesn’t?

I'm here to help you activate YOUR GIFTS, own YOUR POWER and create a ripple effect of change in the world.

Life can be tough.  It feels unfair, unjust, and confusing. Sometimes it seems as though you’re treading water, going through the motions.  You know there must be more, but what? How?


You.  Have.  Gifts. 


Maybe you don’t know what they are right now, but you have them.  I guarantee it.  You have a gift that deserves to be shared.  And you deserve to experience the joy that comes from sharing it.


Helping others to discover a life that they love; one that feels meaningful and fulfilling, one that brings financial success and limitless rewards, is my gift.  And I’m honoured to share it with you.

After suffering from a deep depression following the birth of my second child, CJ, I realised I’d been stifling my own gifts for too long. 


I shared my Great Grandma’s abilities as an Intuitive Medium, I could see energy and spirit, but was encouraged to ignore that side of me as a child.  


Growing up as the eldest of 5 children, I ended up stuck in the shadows of other people’s mistaken beliefs.


There is freedom to be felt in allowing your gifts to shine through.  Making the decision to embrace who I am and what I have to give gave me the purpose I craved. 


Helping you find your own path, discover your gifts, and lead a life of joy and abundance, that’s my purpose.

I’m a Usui-Tibetan and Holy Fire Reiki instructor, an Access Consciousness Facilitator, Human Design Projector, Spiritual Empowerment Coach and an Intuitive Medium.   


I have invested over $100K in personal development and coaches, done over 50 mindfulness workshops, completed a Life Coaching certification, coached hundreds of soul clients in my programs and private coaching.


For sure, these things make me qualified to do what I love, but it’s the life lessons I’ve experienced that have prepared me most of all.

With the help of my team (including my amazing husband Luke) we have created a multiple 6 figure business with ease and alignment, while doing what we love.


Let me share my experience with you.  Let me give you all the tips, tricks and tools that have enabled me to create the life of my dreams.


Let me help you break through your limiting beliefs and unconscious habits so you too can experience the power and magnificence you hold within, and finally create the life you love.


The Soulful Shift 7-Day Program is my gift to you, so you can too start living your life with purpose, joy and abundance.


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I’m passionate about sharing my message because there’s so much life to be lived, so much joy to be had, so much abundance to receive. 


And I want you to have it all


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