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Victoria Bond Psychic Medium Spiritual Empowerment Coach Guided Reading

You were born into this world knowing that you were completely lovable.


Your love for everything and everyone was limitless.


Life was fun, joyful.  You delighted in everything.


You were filled with trust.  


You were fearless.  


You were happy.


This is how it should be.

But you were punished for misbehaving.


You were ignored when you wanted attention.


Your feelings weren’t considered when decisions were made.


Your parents argued.  They withheld their love when they were cross.


You suffered at the hands of someone you trusted.


You were made to feel small, ashamed.


You were hurt.

Victoria Bond Psychic Medium Spiritual Empowerment Coach
Victoria Bond Psychic Medium Spiritual Empowerment Coach

And so...


You move through life with more caution.


You wear a protective sleeve around your heart.


Your dreams feel unattainable.


Deep down you know you’re not really good enough.


Everyone else is better than you.


Smarter than you.  More capable than you.


You feel like a fraud.



"I was lucky enough to have my Soul Alignment session with Victoria yesterday and just wanted to say OMG and THANK YOU!!!! Not only was I able to receive guidance immediately, I had HUGE shifts just within a one hour session and on top of that I received my very own Light Language directly from Vic and that experience was crazy good on a whole other leave!!! My heart was literally beaming afterwards as I received so many beautiful gifts 🙌

Gosh girl you are unbelievable and words can't describe just how amazing I feel right now 😍


- Alana S.

Victoria Bond Psychic Medium Spiritual Empowerment Coach

You’ve experienced trauma.  


You’ve been exposed to energies that have had a profound effect on you.  


You’ve created beliefs that AREN’T YOURS.


All this ‘stuff’ that’s sticking to you CAN be removed.


The pieces of you that you’ve lost, that make you feel empty inside, CAN be retrieved.

Return to your natural-born state with a Guided Reading and Soul Alignment.


Experience a complete energy shift during this intensive 90-minute session.


Using mediumship and intuitive guidance, we’ll -

  • Stop fear and doubt in their tracks

  • Energetically heal you from deeply held wounds

  • Retrieve the fragments of your soul lost during times of trauma

  • Expose and remove any limiting beliefs  

  • Balance your aura and chakra system


As a result, you’ll -

  • Feel clear and understood  

  • Learn to trust your intuition

  • Discover what lights you up

  • Find the easiest path to fulfil your dreams

  • Experience feelings of wholeness, joy and expansion. 

  • Feel lighter, more energised, more focused

Victoria Bond Psychic Medium Spiritual Empowerment Coach

It’s time to get excited.  

Your life is waiting for you.

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